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The Additive Manufacturing Institute is our New Training Division that focuses on all the elements that form part of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Process (3D Printing Process), a Key Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).


The Fourth Industrial Revolution

An industrial revolution happens when a new type of technology is introduced that has the ability to forever change the world as we know it.

The first was Steam Power, the second was Electricity, the third was Computing, and today we are at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (I4R), also known as Industry 4.0. 4IR is a collection of technologies, that merge the physical, digital, and biological worlds in new ways, consisting of The Internet of Things, Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Quantum Computing.


The AM Process

It is very important to us, to focus on the whole AM process and not just 3D Printing, as each step plays a key role in creating a viable and sustainable knowledge base and skill set to use and apply the technology effectively and successfully. The steps include:

Design for Additive Manufacturing

The Principles of Design are shared by the majority of the various Design Fields, but when it comes to the technical side, especially in the fields where the designs have to be manufactured, the differences can be vast. The type of manufacturing process is a big factor, each process has different requirements, restrictions, and other factors that can affect the final design. Although AM is a type of manufacturing on its own, there are a lot of categories under the banner with a variety of different processes and technologies.

CAD Modelling for Additive Manufacturing

The majority of printing processes require similar file types, but there are various types of CAD Software Packages, each with its own specialties, learning curves, costing models, and license structures. Much like Design for Additive Manufacturing, creating models based on those designs can affect the software selected to create the 3D geometry.

Additive Manufacturing

There are various AM processes using a variety of technologies, with specific outcomes available, each with its own specifications in regard to bed size, available materials, speed, cost, technical expertise, infrastructure requirements, and outputs. Understanding these differences is crucial when it comes to applying the technology in a viable manner, and making sure the right technology is used for the project. When buying AM equipment there are also other factors that can have an effect such as technical support and after-service care from the supplier within one’s country.

Post Processing

After an object has been created using AM, there is usually a variety of different post processes that still need to be applied to the object to create a final product. The required finish of the product is usually determined before the design starts or during the process and can affect the AM process and materials used

Why Choose Us?

Experience! Our training methods, courses and programmes are based on hands-on experience using AM processes in various Design and Manufacturing sectors like Jewellery, Medical and Product Development dating back to the mid-2000’s it was still called Rapid Prototyping and there were only a handful of machines available. 3D Printing only started to get public awareness after 2010, and then it was only on entry-level FDM Technologies, especially with the explosion of the Maker movements after that. Awareness of more high-end processes like SLS, DMLS and others filtered in slowly and mostly only in the industries where it was applied in, and even to this day the majority of the public and some industries still don’t know what we can really do. We started CAD training in 2008, focusing on Rhino 3D CAD software & other design packages, developed our own training courses and published books for the Jewellery and Product Design fields, presenting courses and workshops to Academic Institutions and Industries alike. We presented workshops to educate industries and academics programmes about AM and our courses were presented in many formats, over multiple time frames and to various levels of audiences and learners, giving us a real in-depth understanding of what format really works for the different situations, this also helped us to create a CAD training base that is extremely effective.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services from set courses to bespoke development programmes

Additive Manufacturing Consultation

  • Additive Manufacturing Processes
  • Training on Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing Programme Development

  • Development of AM Programmes for Learnerships & Incubators
  • Development of AM Bespoke Projects in various sectors
  • Development of AM Certified Training Courses

Additive Manufacturing Masterclass Courses

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • CAD Modelling for Additive Manufacturing
  • Industry-Focused CAD Courses
  • Additive Manufacturing Processes & Equipment


  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • CAD & AM Processes
  • Additive Manufacturing Equipment Training
  • Additive Manufacturing Post Production

MasterClass Online Training Platform

We have a range of exciting new courses that will be available later this year, giving our clients the ability to do training any time, any place! Keep a look out for previews on our social media platforms!

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