The Masterclass courses are the culmination of all our experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 19 years, crafted into the ultimate in-depth online training experience, you can do it anywhere, any time with an ample amount of time to complete it. And yes, if you still want someone to guide you or cannot do it online, we have options for that as well that include training manuals. Courses are Industry-specific, using the same basis but with industry-specific application exercises so you don’t just learn how to use the tool, but also how it applies to what you do. Bespoke courses can be developed on request.

Rhino 3D Masterclass Courses

Why Rhino 3D?

Rhino 3D has always been one of our favourite CAD Software packages, it is a key component in all our various Design & Manufacturing pipelines, and its versatility and quality make it one of the most cost-effective CAD packages out there! These are all key factors in deciding what software to use for your business, now we use other packages as well as no single package does it all, but Rhino comes close, and it is much more affordable than any of its competitors.

Our Experience with Rhino 3D

BunnyCorp started out in 2008 as a CAD Training Company, Rhino 3D was the first CAD Course we developed as well as used for our own projects. Our experience with the software started 4 years earlier, learning and using it for Academic Research Projects in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing and later Medical Implant Development. In 2008 we published our first Rhino Training Manuals that were used in courses presented all over South Africa at Universities, Design Institutions as well as various Industries, the majority of these were for the Jewellery Industry, as Rhino is one of the main CAD packages used, even though back then it was still fairly new. Other industries included Footwear Design & Manufacturing, Product Design, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Architectural, and Medical, in the majority of cases, the files produced were for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) purposes. That makes 19 years of experience using Rhino on a daily basis and 15 years developing courses and training it for various industries.

Through all these years we improved and adapted the courses to various industries, audiences, timeframes, and sometimes specific outcomes. We learned what worked and what didn’t, which methods would have better lasting results, which formats were more successful, and so forth, leading us to a very successful formula for presenting a CAD course that delivers the best results.


Years Working Experience in Rhino 3D


Years Training in Rhino 3D

Rhino3D Masterclass Courses | Online Platform

Doing the courses via our online platform will be the best value for money with the most flexibility in training options. There are multiple advantages of learning software via online platforms:

  • Clients can train on their own time, can’t take off from work, or close their shop. Do it in the evening or over weekends, and spend as much time as you can afford.
  • Tool Videos are short, only a few minutes each making it easier to concentrate, you don’t have to watch hours of videos to learn something specific.
  • Rewatch a training video multiple times if you struggle with a tool
  • Only want to learn something specific, look out for our smaller modules on specific skill sets, if there isn’t one, just ask us.¬† For eg we will be doing one focused on SubD Modelling
  • Struggle with a tool, let us know, and we can update and improve quickly, updating the videos where needed.
  • Worried you will be scared to ask questions or work too slowly working in a class, this removes all that pressure so you can focus on the course and not everyone around you, ideal for educational institutions.
  • Can’t afford enough class time in the current curriculum? This makes it possible for students to continuously improve their education
  • Don’t have proper training material available for your classes? Let the students do the course and rather focus on their application, we can also consult on how to integrate that into class projects

The courses will be focused on specific design industries starting off with the jewellery industry and new courses will be added on a regular basis to meet industry needs.

Available Soon

Rhino3D Masterclass for Jewellers


Concept Design Masterclass Courses

Why Focus on Concept Design?

All designs start with an idea, and that idea needs to be visualised, developed, and communicated to your client and team. Concept design is not just a nice drawing of your idea, but a process in which can explore and mature that idea, it improves visual communication with clients & other designers and helps to establish a visual track record of your design thinking that can be added to your portfolio, helping you land more clients or perhaps that dream job.

One of the biggest drawbacks for most designers is drawing skills, those who struggle tend to avoid drawing too many concepts out of fear that clients and other designers would judge their skills, and by default, they end up creating designs that would have benefited from more development. This does not mean that you cannot be a good designer if you do not have natural drawing abilities, but it will definitely help if you can improve on it. There are other factors as well that needs to be trained and fine-tuned to help with your process to create good concepts. Our Concept Design course will look at this process and spend time developing each of them to help you become the designer you always wanted to be!

In Development 

Concept Design Masterclass for Beginners


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