Animal Prosthetics – Goose Leg

April 5, 2015 Philip van der Walt

Animal Prosthetics – Goose Leg

Ozzie’s New Leg


A few weeks ago we got word of a Goose with a situation. He broke his leg and it had to amputated at the joint. He was lucky as Animal lover and rescuer Sue Burger got hold of him and started nursing him back to health, as time went by he struggled more and more to cope with only one leg resulting in damaged wings and self confidence. They considered ending his struggle many times but always decided not too, out of desperation Sue managed to get onto a national radio station (RSG) in the hope someone would hear their plea and be able to assist them somehow.

One of our Partner’s dad heard the broadcast and wrote down their contact details , only to be eaten by their new puppy the day after. Helen from 3D printing systems contacted me a few days later telling me about someone who is looking for help and as she normally send us medical related queries. We soon discovered that it was the same people from the radio. We contacted Sue and told her we would look into it and see if we can get something off the ground.

We needed sponsors to make this happen so 3D Printing Systems offered to sponsor the material and BunnyCorp decided to sponsor the Design and CAD Work, J-Lee Inc (Hybrid Advanced Geometries) volunteered the use of their 3D Printers, workshop and technical assistance and the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) from the Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein offered to produce the final high end print. With all the sponsors in place we could now start with the process. So far only a few cases around the world has been recorded where people made custom prosthetic for a bird using 3D printing but nothing in SA as far as we know.

Goose Measure

Sue brought the Goose to the BunnyCorp offices where we took photos and took measurements of the goose’s leg, we explained t them the process and what we had planned and then set a date for the fitment test.

Goose Foot Concepts 2


We started working and came up with a few possible solutions, we are by no means experts on animal prosthetic but we do work with human prosthetic and this did give us some insight on what should work. The CAD files where then sent to Hybrid Advanced Geometries to be 3D printed and finished.


Printed parts


We got together on the 3rd of April and did a fitting test on the Goose, the parts fitted perfectly but he was a bit confused about his new leg as he has been without one for about 5 months, however he has to date stood n it and started walking.He will need some therapy to assist him and close monitoring for a few days. We can then re-look the design and see if any improvements can be made before we 3D print the final product at the CRPM.

Leg Version 1

Leg Version 2

Leg on

Listen to the story on RSG Monday morning on Monitor between 6 and 8, insert should be round about 6:40 🙂

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We would like to thank the sponsors involved in making this project possible! Below is more details about them and links to their respective websites! Wewouldalso liketo thank Justin Kennerly from RSG for following the story and getting it out there!

3D_Printing_Systems-Logo3 bigger

3D Printing Systems supplied the material for the 3D Printers

3D Bunny Logo - chrome

BunnyCorp designed the leg and modelled it in 3D in CAD for 3D Printing

J-Lee Inc. (Hybrid Advanced Geometries)

Hybrid Advanced Geometries is the manufacturing division of J-Lee Inc. and they 3D Printed the parts, finished them and gave technical assistance with the fitting, they will also help to finish the final working prototype when the design is finalized.



The CRPM will print the final design in Nylon to make sure it lasts for a very long time

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