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Product Design & Development

With extensive background in developing products for various markets, big and small, we can help bring your idea to life no matter where you are in your process. We have a wide network of specialists who, as a team, make all the steps from concept right through to mass production possible.

  • Concept & Design Development
  • CAD Modeling
  • Prototype Development
  • Final Prototyping & Finishing
  • Small Batch Sample Production
  • Large Scale Production

Examples of Product Design & Development

Loud Mouth Smart Phone Amplifier
Smart Phone Amplifier
Drawing Grip Concepts
Drawing Grip
Sports Gear Concepts
Product Concepts - Sports Gear
Sports Gear
Product Development - Sport Gear
Virtual Reality Cardboard Glasses
GoPro 360 Camera Riggs
Rig for the Hero 3/4 & Session camera
EOD Helmet
Ranger Boot Soles
Animal Prosthetics | Goose Leg
Concept Development – Animal Prosthetic
Medical | Prosthetic Covers
Concept Sketches | VR3 Card Board Glasses
Concept Sketches | VR3 Plastic Glasses
Advanced CAD Modeling – Stock Models | Taps
Product Design & Development – Commercial

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We are an online company based in Gauteng working with clients locally and internationally. Or main studio is based in Vereeniging.

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