With Additive Manufacturing’s growth in the medical sector and our knowledge on designing for these processes we started getting more and more requests from the medical industry to consult and design using these new technologies. We work in Both Human and Animal medical fields collaborating with Doctors, Surgeons, Prosthetist Orthotist’s and other specialists to help develop new and innovative products and services.

Our services for the Humans and Animals Medical Sector include the following:

  • Medical Product Development
  • Advanced Prosthetics
  • Pre-Operative Models
  • Surgical Guide Design
  • Medical 3D Printing
  • Implant Design

Notable Projects

Adjustable Socket for Prosthetic Limbs


Working in collaboration with Neil van der Merwe a Prothetist Orhtetist based in Durban, we have been developing an adjustable socket that is 3D scanned from the patient’s geometry and 3D printed giving a perfect fit with adjustable options. The socket has been part of medical trials for the last few years and have been improving and evolving with every iteration. Follow the Story on our Blog and Instagram

Full Ossicle Implant (Mid Ear)

Working hand in hand with Professor Thsifularo from the University of Pretoria and the Jason Laing and Gavin Legott from Promake International we developed a full ossicle implant based on the human bones found in the middle ear. The implants mimics the bone structure and also helps to enhance sound within the middle ear. We are refining the product as we go and because 3D printing is used as manufacturing method it allows us to do mass customization. Follow the story on our Blog and Instagram

Touch 4 Hand

The touch 4 hand was developed with the robotics department from the University of Kwazulu Natal. The hand will be entering the Cybathlon 2020 games in which it will compete on an international level. The design focuses on more organic shapes and movement. While it is tested and proved we are still upgrading the design with every new step we take. Follow our progress on our Blog and Instagram

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