With Additive Manufacturing’s growth in the medical sector and our knowledge on designing for these processes we started getting more and more requests from the medical industry to consult and design using these new technologies. We work in Both Human and Animal medical fields collaborating with Doctors, Surgeons, Prothetist Orthotist’s and other specialists to help develop new and innovative products and services.

Our services for the Human and Animal Medical Sector include the following:

  • Medical Product Development
  • Advanced Prosthetics
  • Pre-Operative Models
  • Surgical Guide Design
  • Medical 3D Printing
  • Implant Design

Contact BunnyCorp

We are an online company based in Gauteng working with clients locally and internationally. Or main studio is based in Vereeniging.

  • Philip (+27)72 217 3535
  • bunnycorp@gmail.com
  • Jeané (+27)79 965 7585
  • https://bunnycorp.co.za

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