September 11, 2021 Philip van der Walt

Animal Product Development Process

A few years ago, we started helping vets on projects where animals needed assistance that was difficult to provide, we tried to help where we could by using 3D printing and digital design techniques. As we got more involved in medically-based projects on the human side, we realised that most of the same processes could be applied to the animal side and that there was a serious gap between these two, thus we formed our medical division BunnyMed that would cater for both.
Both working on the same principle, it all starts with an idea, a need, or an issue that a medical professional approaches us with. We collaborate with them to develop their ideas, find new innovative solutions, improve outdated products, and create new ones where needed. It starts with concepts, digital 3D models, and using 3D printing to create prototypes that can be field-tested, and eventually manufacturing the product, bringing it to market. In some cases, there is more than one idea that needs to be explored and we can see the potential to expand on those ideas in a partnership.

The development process consists out of creating conceptual drawings in 2D on paper or digitally first and then the viable concepts are translated into 3D using CAD software. This can generate 3D renderings giving us a very good idea of how they will look when manufactured. The CAD data are then used to 3D print prototypes that can be tested by the doctor to make sure everything works as planned. We can quickly see if any changes are needed and can then make the necessary updates to improve and refine the product, this process is repeated until the product is working as intended.

Once we are satisfied that everything works as it should we can go into production. For smaller units, we can use 3D printing where possible for production and for higher units a tool is created for injection moulding that can produce a huge amount of units in a very short time at a very cost-effective price.

Below are examples of 3D printed and Injection Molded products

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