We are a Rapid Product Development Company in South Africa focusing on Medical Product Development

We are a Rapid Product Development Company in South Africa focusing on Medical Product Development, with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the 3D Printing Industry working with everything from entry-level printing to high-end Laser Sintering. Our experience gives us a unique understanding of how to integrate the different 3D Printing processes, the Design Advantages, and the Restrictions that come with each of these technologies. We Specialize in Design, CAD Modeling & Digital Sculpting for Additive Manufacturing, Product Design & Development, CAD Training & Consultation for design & 3D Printing.

As our business is ever-evolving, our focus has shifted more and more to Medical Product Development.  As 3D printing expands into the medical field our ability to design and consult grows with it, we also prefer to do our product development with a more hands-on approach working and designing with the end-user ending up with a much more user-friendly product. This includes products and processes for both Humans and Animals, with products ranging from prosthetics and orthotics to implants, surgical/theatre devices, and preventative products. Our collaborations in various fields also not just make new things possible but allow us to have the best minds working on the right projects.


Philip van der Walt

A Fine Artist at heart, Philip van der Walt got his Degree in Graphic Design as it allowed him access to design software that studying Fine Arts did not. While doing his degree he got exposed to CAD software and started to explore the 3D side of design and quickly became a Rhino specialist focusing on jewellery design and manufacturing. Further studies lead to him exploring the medical implant world of design working on designing lattice structures for titanium femurs. He lectured design and CAD for various universities and eventually started BunnyCorp where he trained academics, jewellers and various other industries CAD with training manuals developed in-house. As the business evolved he started working on 3D modeling for jewelers, the movie industry, and other artists and with tons of experience creating CAD geometry for various 3D printing processes. Product development was a natural next step and working on various types of products, while working for a technology station he gained experience in various fields. As an artist, he has been experimenting with digital sculpting for various applications which has led to him collaborating with other international artists/designers working on big digital sculpting projects that have been exhibited internationally. While all this happened he got involved in creating prosthetics for animals and people, teaming up with doctors and other medical experts from various fields creating new groundbreaking products.

Philip specializes in Advanced CAD Modelling, Design & Digital Sculpting for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Specifically Organic and intricate shapes and Creative Problem Solving applied to Product development, from Concepts to the final product.

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We are an online company based in Gauteng working with clients locally and internationally. Or main studio is based in Vereeniging.

  • Philip (+27)72 217 3535
  • bunnycorp@gmail.com
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  • https://bunnycorp.co.za

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