Designer & Digital Sculptor at BunnyCorp

Philip van der Walt

This charming movie buff has a wide knowledge of useless information about all things geeky, he is a night owl by nature surrounded by fluffy cats and ambient music. His poison of choice, a White Russian.. The Dude abides!

Starting out as a Graphic Designer, Philip went on to lecture Design in the Graphics and Jewellery field, He got involved with the 3D side of design and became a Rhino Specialist, where he published a few books on the topic and has been providing training for the jewellery industry and institutions nationwide. His studies evolved into the medical side where he worked on designs for titanium printed (DMLS) implants, later he worked as a concept & product developer where he gained tons of experience creating CAD geometry for various 3D printing processes. As an artist he has been experimenting with digital sculpting & shoe design. This has led to him collaborating with other international artist/designers working on big digital sculpting projects that has been exhibited internationally.


  •  Advanced CAD Modelling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • CAD Training (Rhino)
  • CAD Consultation for 3D Printing
  • Concept Development & Illustration
  • Product Development & Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Networking
  • File Fixing & prepping for 3DPrinting


  • Rhinoceros
  • T-Splines
  • Sculptris
  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDraw

Creative design, Product Development and 3D Printing

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