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CAD Training and Workshops

We have provided Rhino training to Jewellers, Universities and various other industries since 2007 , with 4 books published and a few more on the way, we are always updating ad expanding our courses and books to include more comprehensive and easy to learn material. Our trainers are specialists in the software with hands on experience, using it in the 3D printing industry on a daily basis. We also present various workshops on software and procedures that can be customized to your company’s needs. There is also a 3D printing workshop that will introduce you and your staff to the technology. Read more about them below or mail us if you have any questions.

Books are supplied with the training courses but can also be bought online

Available Courses

Learning Rhino: Module 1 – Basic Rhino (Rhino 4/5)

Learning Rhino: Module 2 – Advanced Rhino for Art & Design (Rhino 4/5)

Learning Rhino Module 2 – Advanced Rhino for Jewellers (Rhino 4/5)

Digital Sculpting – Sculptris 101

Advanced Model Building – T-Splines for Rhino


3D Printing 101 – Introduction to 3D Printing

Rhino integration

Designing and Modelling for 3D Printing

CAD Training

Creative design, Product Development and 3D Printing

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